LILA  are a three piece from the Southwest, best known for a flair in extreme dynamics and a raw, uncompromising sound. They refuse to be defined by the boundaries of genre and freely borrow from many musical styles.

 With their unusual approach to acoustic guitars and the recent addition of Phoenix-born drummer “Tabs”, they create a sound full of pounding rhythms and angelic harmonies which embrace their audiences with big sounding anthemic tunes, catchy choruses, earnest ballads, and riotous stomps.                                                      All of which will stay with you, long after the show is over.

With over 2k followers and subscribers on social media and growing, it’s no wonder LILA are doing great things- they have supported The Damned, played on the BBC, performed in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix & Led Zeppelin at The Troubadour, London and have taken to the stage in Australia in 2019, at The Gasoline Pony in Sydney.

They have also independently released ‘Ambulance’, ‘Duple’, ‘Treasure’ & ‘Journey’ and are currently working on the fourth album, due to be released in 2023.   

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